Match’s Most Dateable Male & Female of 2015

December 22, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Dating

Millions of Match dates, messages, and profile views took place in 2015. But who came out on top? Match is thrilled to crown Gabriel (Gabers38) from Los Angeles, and Leonora (Yoga2527) from New York City, Match’s Most Dateable Male and Female of 2015. Both members are entering the new year with more photo likes, winks, and messages on their profiles than any other Match member. Now that’s an accomplishment.

For those looking to take the crown in 2016, Leonora and Gabriel revealed their top tips, best dates, and New Year’s resolutions in the Q&A below:

Match’s Most Dateable 2015: Leonora and Gabriel:

Q: How many dates did you go on in 2015?

Leonora: “I’ll never tell (wink wink). However, the men on Match have been great.”

Gabriel: “I’ve been on approximately 50 dates.”

Q: What is your secret weapon?

Leonora: “I had a quick vision of me as a “Match Super Hero,” with a secret weapon, what would this weapon be? It’s all so silly and I think that’s maybe one of my secrets–not to take myself so seriously in life or on Match.”

Gabriel: “Professional photos”

Q: What is your New Year’s Resolution?

Leonora: “I’d like to focus on having happiness and laughter fill my days.”

Gabriel: “I hope to get stronger physically.”

Q: Best date you’ve ever been on?

Leonora: “As far as my best date, I have yet to have that. That’s why I’m still on Match. The best date in my eyes comes down to CHEMISTRY. That’s what my best date will have, that and a good heart.”

Gabriel: “A woman flew in from NYC to meet me.”

Q: Best way to stand out on Match?

Leonora: “I’m just me. If you like me the way I am then I’ll like you the way you are. I do take a shower before a date and smell nice and clean. And again, a smile or two never hurt anyone.”

Gabriel: “Professional photos and talking about yourself confidently.”  […]