She’s a bit younger. Is that okay?

December 17, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Advice

She’s a bit younger. Is that okay?

Conotor asks:

I [24M] think a younger woman I met recently [18F] is interested in me. I am not a ‘people person’ and have almost no experience with dating so I would like someone to double-check that I am not going to do anything hurtful, mean, etc. We have similar interests but I don’t know her very well. On account of this and the age difference, the most likely scenario here is that we would enjoy each other’s company as friends or on a date, and we are sexually attracted to each other, but I would not be interested in a relationship with her.

I have not met anyone I was interested in starting a relationship with in about 2 years, so for me I am ok with this scenario, and if she were my age I would ask her out and let her know my thoughts on this before anything sexual happened.

Is that still ok in this circumstance? What should I do? To me she seems plenty confident in her own decisions but my grasp of people’s emotions is not all that great.

Demetrius says:

When it comes to dating people younger than you, there are unwritten rules and of course, written rules. First thing to consider, is it legally permissible to date this person? If they can consent, congrats you completed step one. If they can’t legally consent, do not pass go! Admittedly, there are places in the world where the age of consent is pretty low and or doesn’t exist. In those cases, stick with the “Is older than 18 years of age” rule and you’ll be fine. With that out of the way, you get to the part that is a bit less defined because it requires some introspection on your part. Listen, I can only make things so easy for you. […]