First date, need advice?

January 4, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Advice

Unique first date, and I need advice!

robbyj1 asks: This Saturday I’m going bowling with this girl I met. I met her at a family party last week and decided to take a leap and ask her if she wanted to go bowling. She said yes! We didn’t get to talk during the family party except for this one question I asked because it took me the whole time to muster the confidence to do it, but for 2 hours, we sat next to each other at a big table with my parents, her parents, and their friends (they are all in their 40’s-60’s, I’m 24, the girl is 21) . The point of the party was actually a setup to discuss us possibly marrying each other. Of course, she has to like me and I have to like her first before anything can get done. I don’t know her at all, but from what I heard from them, she is smart (double majored in bio and chem), hard-working, and wonderful. From what I saw, she is model-esque beautiful. Us going together is kind of date, except she’s bringing her younger brother (18, he was not at the party so I haven’t met him) since in my culture a guy and a girl are not supposed to meet alone unless married. I have three younger sisters, but they won’t be of any help since they are all vacationing on the other side of the world right now. So it will just be me, the girl, and her brother My questions to you are: How do I handle this situation? How can I break the ice? What should I talk to her about (remember her bro is there)? How should I talk to her about it? What are some dont’s that I as a guy might think […]